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Sunday School 8:55 AM
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A Message From Pastor Manning

The Church and All of Its Amenities

Living in this millennium (era) has fostered much news, i.e., terminologies created out of human boredom. Ignorance is the underlying cause while dissatisfaction, rebellion and apathy are the end result.

Although the Bible is continually attacked by naysayers and innuendoes, yet its truths are coming to life as an emerging butterfly from its cocoon- with overwhelming beauty, and greater expectations of a fuller life. It’s evident that human solution is no match for God’s eternal answers being revealed to us.

So many today are searching in the wrong places for solutions and finding them.  You will get what you search for, become what you eat and do, assimilate and become acculturated by those you allow to dominate your will and thinking. But if you are sincere, the church of God has and is the answer.

Let me propose a question similar to what God did to satan, “Have you considered the Church of the Living God?”

The church is: upright in and with its truths, firm in its principles, clear in its mandate to humanity, and just in its actions as it has no respect of person.

The church is here to stay because of Jesus’ sacrifice and his promise that the gate of hell shall not prevail against it. 

Many fight the church as Saul [prior to his name change] by discrediting it and others by abandonment.  Millenniums today seem to have grown tired and indifferent toward the Church choosing rather “Make believe, Sci-Fi and Horror Stories.”  Seemingly, the interest is only in the incomes as we have not the patience for the outcomes.  Isaiah 40:31 gives a clear answer as to why we ought to wait.

Humanity is so far removed from God until only His church can rescue us from the eminent destruction and the welcoming arms of hell.

Until there is a return to God’s church and or His Word, nothing will improve, conditions will not change for the betterment, and true love will not be the standard of joy, peace or prosperity.

So many today have never been inside a church.  They have been alienated by underlying issues unrelated to the church;  yet, the church has been demonized as the culprit of the ills of this world.  The church has all that the world needs in substance and a succulent package of grace, love, and a powerful friend in Jesus.

Some say the memberships in churches are rapidly declining because of the church’s leadership and their unwillingness to change in order to meet the needs of the people.

  • They lack a well-defined mission/purpose.
  • Church is too time-consuming when there is so much more to do and live for in life.
  • No need for church – we have schools [although they are gradually being dismantled and demolished like a dilapidated building by those in authority].
  • The church is too hypocritical and is as sin-afflicted as the world.

While these statements need addressing the root cause of our troubles aren’t in a lack of things, stuff, time or of attendance but in a lack of understanding and the utilization of that which we already possess.  Solomon said that with all your getting get an understanding.

Much research reveals that the local church of yesterday is yet the local church of yesterday because it has taken on the Rip Van Winkle syndrome of sleep apnea, as the world kept turning.

We can talk/talk, huff/huff and puff/puff, pout forever; still we will receive none of God’s blessings.  Although they are ours and near to us, we don’t know how to receive.

  • You have to be prepared to receive what God has for you.
  • Jesus says to learn about Him.
  • God says we are the head and not the tail.
  • God says as far as your eyes can see and beyond, it’s ours.

As society continues its trek searching for worldly adventures, we must remember that everything we need is found in the Church of the Living God, i.e., the church abiding in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

History is repeating as evident by large amounts of propagandizing literature being written, tweeted, and verbalized at press conferences by false prophets as it was  in Jeremiah’s day. The High Courts are rendering decisions that challenge the moral principles and fabric of our lives. Today’s economist, economic advisors and financial prognosticators forecast good tidings [mislabeled bad news for good news] that cannot override the proclamation “You will reap what you sow” Gal 6:7.

Truth always exposes fraud.  Fraud fights back and seeks the protection of ignorance, fear and fake celebration of happiness as sin continues its human devastation

Although jailed for exposing lies and telling the truth, the divine providence of an almighty God released the prophet Jeremiah. Seemingly, after experiencing quiet, we should look forward to a continuance - there is no denying that President and Mrs. Obama were class acts - not in money, position or title, but in God. With all the work effort for good here comes an administration bent on destroying everything that was done by President Obama for 8 yrs.